We’ve been waiting for it for months; most of us with baited breath. What is the deal with the 700 Mhz band? Specifically, when do we have to be out? We’ve known it was coming, but we haven’t known when. Well, now we do. June 12, 2009. The “final” day for the DTV transition. The FCC promises there will be no more delays, no more date moves, nothing to stop progress. Not even if Aunt Mabel in East Briarpatch can’t get her DTV. No sir, this is the final countdown (cue the music!).

I’d write more about the details of it, but frankly I’m out of obscure pop culture references, and having been so hard at work lately, feeling more run down than snarky. So I’ll pass you off to my favorite observer of the boondoggle known as the DTV Transition, Jason Cole. Jason has a good post with the pertinent details on his blog. Read it and weep (especially if you have a large collection of 700 Mhz gear).