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It’s the Final Countdown

Cue up fire from my hands as I thrust them dramatically to the sky! (This is the first of a series of Arrested Development references this week–get used to it) While I couldn’t get Gob to join us today, I thought I would remind you, in case you’ve been locked in a tech booth somewhere with no internet, that we have but 37 days to vacate the 700 Mhz spectrum with our wireless mics and other stuff.

While I know that none of us (our church boards and finance teams especially) are excited about spending money to replace equipment that seems to work just fine, it’s something we have to do. The FCC has mandated that wireless mics be pulled out of the 700 Mhz spectrum by June 12, 2009, so we best get crack-a-lackin.

It’s also of note that most of the major wireless mic manufacturers are offering rebates to people who trade in 700 Mhz gear. Note that Shure’s program ends on December 31, 2009 (I wrote this before Shure extended the deadline, and I forgot to update the post. Thanks to Kirk Longhofer for reminding me). Sennheiser’s goes through Dec. 1 (which is odd, but OK).

Lectrosonics has a great article on the current state of affairs in the wireless spectrum. Jason Cole, Dave Stagl and I have all written quite extensivly about this as well. All is not lost, but changes are a-comin’. If you haven’t put together a plan yet, it’s about time to do so.


  1. mikeallenmusic@gmail.com

    “But still, where did the lighter fluid come from??”

  2. mikeallenmusic@gmail.com

    “But still, where did the lighter fluid come from??”

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