First off, I want to say I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of support regarding my upcoming transition off the Upper Room staff. This is an amazing online community, and I am very thankful for the e-mails, tweets and leads for new positions. I am encouraged and confident we will have a new direction soon. Thanks again.

Since I’ve been a bit pre-occupied over the last few days, I wanted to share with you a few things that I’ve found interesting and useful over the last week or so.

Tim Corder wrote a great preview of the new Digidesign SC48. It’s billed as an M7 killer, and based on Tim’s observations, it’s surely going to give Yamaha some stiff competition. On the one hand, Digi has made a great move in coming up with consoles at different price points that all use the same OS and show files. They are the first ones to do that really well. That shortens the learning curve when moving from one to the other. On the downside, there is no easy way to integrate a digital snake (at least w/ controllable head amps). Read the article from Tim to learn more. Something to watch for sure.

Speaking of the Venue, Dave Stagl has a thrilling account of completely swapping out their old analog board for a new Venue–on a Thursday. Before rehearsal. Pretty gutsy, Dave! Not sure I would attempt that–you’re a braver man than I. You really need to read this one.

Finally, if you didn’t make it to WFX in California last week, there is a lot of great stuff online. Anthony Coppedge has made his session notes available online, so you’ll want grab those (here and here). There is also a ton of stuff at the WFX website. I understand social media was a big topic this year so take a look.

We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming here before long. I’ll also be letting you in on the process we’re working through to find our next assignment–though probably not in real-time. Still, I’ll keep you posted. As the great marketers Bartles and Jaymes once said, “We thank you again for your support.”