Today marks my soft re-entry back to blogging. While I’ve missed writing these last two weeks, my head has been pretty full of weighty stuff as my family and I wrestle with the future. Things are going well and we have some excellent options to consider, and we’re anxiously awaiting God’s clear direction. Thanks to all who have prayed and offered encouragement to us–it means a lot. With that out of the way…

These tips were written by one of our veteran ProPresenter operators, and I thought they would be helpful to pass along.

  •  Have one hand on the mouse and one hand on the spacebar for songs (enables you to skip around quickly, while maintaining a good rhythm).
  • Write down notes or changes if you can’t edit them now. Don’t say you’ll remember–you probably wont!
  •  Use spare time to go over song lyrics or troublesome spots.
  • Pay attention during music rehearsal. Changes the worship leader makes might affect you, too.
  • If you mess up, don’t freak out! Find the spot and jump back in.
  • If you get into the song too much, you’re probably not cuing early enough. Think of people who don’t know the song.
  • If you’re mind gets distracted, you’ll mess up unless you’re really lucky. Focus!
  • Don’t let your eyes dart around the screen too much. If you miss something, it will take an extra second to find the problem.
  • Follow the sermon notes! Winging it might seem impressive, but it has “mess up” written all over it.
  • Keep your area clean. So much easier to find stuff.

As I said, these were written by one of our veteran presentation techs. She’s fluent in both MediaShout and ProPresenter as well as Keynote. And while I might be a little biased, I think she’s one of our best assets. She’s almost 13–and she’s my daughter. Yes, it’s a proud father moment. Good tips though, eh?