Fresh off the heels of our last highly attended webinar (OK, it was last April and about 20 people joined in…), Dave Stagl, Jason Cole and I have decided it’s high time we did another one. Why? Mainly because we have a lot of fun doing them (and because a few people said they enjoyed it and learned something). In fact, we held a meeting of the minds last week and came up with a schedule to host one webinar a month (save December) from now until May 2010. How about that?!

Our first, regularly scheduled webinar will be held on Thursday night, October 15th at 10 PM EDT, 7 PM PDT. The topic will be “Our Favorite Things: Vocals.” We will focus on our favorite vocal mics, compressor settings, techniques and tricks to make vocals sound as good as they can. Just like we did before, we’ll ramble on for a bit, then take questions from the studio audience. We’ll also record it and publish the audio after we’re all done.

And just to whet your whistle, in November, we’ll be re-visitng the wireless mic issue; talking about the DTV transition, plans for migrating out of the 700 MHz band and various manufacturer rebates. The date for that one will be announced soon.

In the meantime, mark your calendars for Oct. 15 at 10 PM EDT. We’ll see you then!