I’m excited to remind you that this Thursday, Oct. 15 at 10 PM EDT/7 PM PDT, my friends Dave, Jason & I will be hosting another TokBox webinar. We’ve done a few of these, notably on the wireless mic situation and drum mic’ing. This month’s installment will be titled, “Our Favorite Things: Vocals.” We’ll be talking all things vocals. Dave will talk about EQ strategies, getting most from vocals as well as mic placement/technique. Jason plans to talk about effects processing. I’ll be along mostly for the ride, and will try to keep things moving and wrangle questions from our live studio audience (not really–you’ll all be virtual).

If you missed out on the last two, here are a few quick guidelines. I’ll post a link to the TokBox about 5 min before we start both here and on Twitter. Make sure you have headphones or ear buds, and mute your mic when you join (roll over your picture and click the little mic icon). If you have specific things you’d like us to discuss, please leave them here in the comments section. We’ll also be taking questions live using the chat function or classroom style (raise your hand, and wait for me to call on you–too many people talking at once on TokBox gets confusing fast; technology in it’s infancy).

These are a lot of fun to do, and if history proves correct, really informative. Mark your calendars and make sure you join us this Thursday.

For more information on TokBox etiquette, read this article.