Once again, with the best intentions I set off the show floor of the WFX conference. I had planned on being able to take lots of great pictures and upload them here almost in real-time. Reality however, is a cruel mistress; wi-fi connectivity is very spotty and 3G service is non-existent. And I had a lot to see. A few things stood out, though and I’ll post a quick commentary on them here.

The RED One

RED One Camera RED One CameraThis is just a very cool video camera. It will shoot all the way up to 4K and with that big lens on the front, produces a pretty nice image. The output has a very film feel to it. Amazingly, the camera body is only about $17K, and the lens is around $10K (sorry I don’t recall how long it is, but it’s a nice zoom). Might be a little overkill for IMAG, but for the aspiring film maker out there…

The Reveal Ellipsoidal

Reveal Ellipsoidal Light Fixture--All LED-based Reveal Ellipsoidal Light Fixture–All LED-basedThis fixture is a completely LED-based ellipsoidal. The output field is incredibly even and bright. However, what makes it stand out is the fact that you can do full RGB color mixing inside the fixture. Pick a color temperature of the white you want, and it will go there. They’re a bit pricey right now (somewhere around $1800), but I expect them to come down as the technology takes hold.

Echolab ATEM Switcher

Echolab ATEM Switcher Echolab ATEM Switcher
I haven’t been this excited about a product in a long time. After a 45 minute demo (with the president of the company!), I’m pretty well sold on it for our next production switcher. It will input SDI (HD or SD), analog component, Y-C, Composite, and HDMI. The input section alone saves me over $4000 in converters in our system. It features 12 internal keyers and 5 DVEs. It also has an impressive macro section which allows you to assign complex transitions or setups to a single key–great for volunteers. At around $19K, it’s a winner.

And Finally

Spell Check Anyone? Spell Check Anyone?
Oopsie. Dave Stagl suggested that perhaps it’s a reference to the dual-diaphragm construction of the KSM9. Never underestimate the value of having just one more person look over your artwork before you send it out for 8-foot tall prints…

More to come!