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New Danger for Wireless Mics in Churches

Kirk Longhoffer posted an informative article at Church Tech Matters about the future of wireless mics. You should already know about the relocation of the 700 MHz spectrum (if you don’t, click on the DTV & Wireless tab above). And you should already know about the upcoming TVBDs (TV Band Devices; formerly White Space Devices). These TVBDs are going to deliver the next round of internet experience to users everywhere. The trick is, they will be using spectrum slotted between existing DTV stations—right where we put our wireless mics.

In order to stave of a global meltdown of wireless mic usage, the FCC is going to develop a Geo-Location database that will allow users of wireless mics to register with. When a TVBD comes on-line, it is supposed to check the database and avoid in-use frequencies around it’s current location. So far so good (except, how will the TVBD know to avoid frequencies while it checks the database? Hmmm…)

Now the other shoe is poised to drop. The FCC is apparently looking to exclude churches and other houses of worship from the Geo-Location database. So that’s just great. The largest aggregate user of wireless mics in the country and they’re looking to exclude us. “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.” Fantastic.

According to Kirk’s post, we have the opportunity to comment on this risky scheme until Feb. 22. Send an e-mail to wirelessmicrophones@shure.com to get some more details. Please comment to the FCC on this issue, and go read Kirk’s post for more details. And perhaps buy some additional interference-free wired mics…


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