I’ve been twittering about this, posting to the CTDRT Google group and even e-mailed a few people but I felt I should also mention this meeting here. A week from today, on March 8, TDs from all over Southern California will be gathering in Orange County to encourage and learn from each other. I’ve been dreaming about having gatherings like this for 3 years now, and am excited to see it come to fruition.

Looking over those who’ve registered already (18 thus far), we have people coming from Pismo Beach to El Cajon, from Victorville to LA. We even have Bob Nahrstadt of Next Creative Media flying all the way from Atlanta to join us and buy lunch.

This will not be a conference; we’re not going to sit, facing forward all day listening to someone talk to us. We’re going to sit at round tables and talk with each other. The vast majority of our time will be listening to, encouraging and building into each other. If you are a TD anywhere near SoCal, I strongly encourage you to come on by next week. What we do is pretty unique, and it’s great to be able to get together with other like-minded TDs and build into each other.

Some of the guys will come here very tired and will need to be strengthened. Others will come excited and ready to go and will the the opportunity to encourage others. At at some point, the tables will turn—and then we’ll know who to call. We were not meant to do this ministry thing alone, and this is a perfect opportunity to create or build your network.

Here are some event details.

Time: March 8, 11 AM-4 PM. The meeting concludes at 4, and afterward, anyone who wants to stick around will have the opportunity for a facility tour followed by dinner at a local restaurant.

Location: Coast Hills Community Church. Here is a Map.

Cost: $0. Zero. Zip. Nada. Next Creative Media will be providing lunch. The cost of lunch is no longer an excuse!

Open To: TDs, Assoc. TDs and other Church Tech Staff

How to Register: Follow this link to the form, fill it out and we’ll see you March 8!