It’s Easter week, so we’ll all be pretty busy. But I thought I would quickly give you a quick glimpse as to what we’re doing at Coast Hills. Our Easter service is a fairly big deal, but the big production is Good Friday. Our Good Friday service is a very special production that contains no spoken words; just music and video. The service walks people through the final hours of Jesus’ life up the His ultimate sacrifice for us. It’s a very powerful service, and will take a good amount of effort to put together. Unfortunately, we’re without my right-hand man, Gary who is out with some medical issues.

We start on Sunday, fulling striking the stage down to the bare deck. We move a bunch of our Steeldeck platforms around and hang the 70’ white cyc. Monday, Steeldeck delivers the remaining decking that we need but don’t own. Tuesday the big work begins:Our lighting gets put in place–we’ve rented eight VariLight VL-2000s, and another twelve ColorBlasts. We’ll also be hanging a 70’ wide white scrim in front of the cyc, along with a ton more fabric. The Steeldeck will be finalized as platforms for the musicians and singers. Tuesday night we start rehearsals. Wednesday is lighting programming day. Thursday will be touch up on programming followed by rehearsals late into the night. Friday, we run the whole service again as a dress rehearsal, then run the service twice for our congregation. Easter Weekend will bring us 5 services; 2 Saturday and 3 Sunday. On Monday, we’ll take it all down. That’s our week. So if you don’t hear much from me during this week, that’s why!