Back in February, we told you our March Webinar would be about proposing system upgrades to leadership. And that’s exactly what we planned. Except we forgot that this year, March included that oft-celebrated holiday, Easter. Combined with Dave’s massive PA upgrade, my lighting upgrade and being down staff and Jason’s…well, I think Jason just had sympathy pains for us, and we ended up not having any time at all for a webinar. Which is probably fine since none of you would have had time to join us anyway.

But we’re back. This Friday, April23, we will talking about some best practices for proposing system upgrades. We will once again be utilizing the Church Tech Arts LiveStream channel, so you can tune in at 10 PM EDT, or 7 PM PDT (and all time zones in between). I think it’s going to be a great discussion as the three of us have been or are currently involved in significant PA, FOH, Lighting and Video System upgrades. We think you’ll come away with some strategies to make your presentations more powerful and effective.

So join us this Friday, 4/23 at 10 PM EDT at the CTA LiveStream channel (