After last night’s technical difficulties, we’re going to give this another shot. We keep trying to find ways to improve the experience, and make it less time consuming to produce; sometimes it doesn’t work. Last night we were met with blocks in the firewall (I tried it from the office as our upload speed is better than what I have at home), then issues with audio routing in our fallback system.
The good news is that we stayed and worked on it for a while and I think we have a plan. It might not seem it, but getting three people in different parts of the country live to the web (audio & video) and get it recorded is tough when you have no budget.

Anyway, we’re going to give it another shot this Thursday night, July 22nd. Once again we’ll be on the LiveStream channel starting around 7 PM PDT or 10 PM EDT.
I think we have a great list of topics to discuss, and hope you can join us. Thanks for your patience as we keep trying to work out the bugs.