Our August webinar is scheduled this month for Tuesday the 24th at 7 PM PDT (10 PM EDT). Dave, Jason & I will be discussing the relative pros and cons of traditional point source speakers and line arrays, and when one may be a better choice than another.

As you know, these days, line arrays are all the rage; every major manufacturer has jumped on the bandwagon, and every integrator I talk to wants to sell me an array. But are they really the best choice for every situation?

On the other hand, there are some old-school guys out there who insist any speaker they mix on has to be a point source box; no new-fangled array for them. But is that always the right option, either?

Those are some of the questions we’ll wrestle with. We may not be able to answer every single situation, but we’ll work through the thought process you might want to take when deciding between the two technologies. It should be a lot of fun.

Tune in on our LiveStream channel at 7 PM PDT, 10 PM PDT, next Tuesday, August 24 and watch the fun live. As always, the audio will be up on iTunes shortly thereafter.