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Great Info on System Tuning from Dave Stagl

My friend Dave over at Going to 11 has been writing a series of great posts recently about his quest for better system tuning. Yesterday he wrote a really good one talking about how he compensates for the differences in our hearing at different SPLs. Based on the Equal Loudness contour research, Dave points out that our ear’s frequency response is different at 80 dB SPL than it is at 100 dB SPL. That frequency response difference can make CD recordings or web broadcasts that are based on the board mix sound flat and lifeless. It’s a great article full of practical tips on getting better sounding recordings of your services. You can read the whole article here. And while you’re at it, go back and read the rest of the series here, here and here. The posts are long, but well worth the time invested.

Good work, Dave!


  1. fohdave@goingto11.com

    Thanks for the link, Mike!

  2. fohdave@goingto11.com

    Thanks for the link, Mike!

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