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This week is a crazy week for the worship arts staff. We’re just over a week away from our annual Christmas production; this year we’re doing an original musical play called Gunch. It’s huge. We have a cast of over 80 people, a pit band, hundreds of props and a full set. We have just two weeks to build the set, hence the craziness.

I’ve done a lot of construction, so this comes very naturally to me. Still, I’m finding I’m really tired this year—physically, mentally and emotionally. It’s been a long year, a good one in so many ways, but a long one nonetheless. I was tired going into this week, and it’s taking it’s toll.

Still, I’m really excited to see what God is going to do. Last week I read an article by Chase Gardner that really re-shaped some of my thinking. It’s a great article, but this line really stood out to me.


More than any other section of the Church’s staff, the tech and worship team literally get to tell the story of Jesus.


That’s significant. Those of us that get paid to work on the technical or worship staff (not to mention those that give their time freely) are allowed the privilege of telling the story of Jesus in a very powerful way this time of year. And the simple truth is there are more people coming to church over Christmas (and Easter) than any other time of the year.

Last time I checked, we have sold over 3,500 tickets to Gunch, and we expect to sell another 1,000 or so. That means 4,500 people exposed to the truth of the Gospel in a clear, compelling and very creative way.

Is that worth giving up some sleep for? I think so. It doesn’t take away the sore muscles, the stress some of us feel at times or make up for lost time with our families, however it’s worth it. Next weekend, lives will be changed. For others, the seeds of life change will be planted. We will give our congregation the opportunity to talk to their friends and neighbors about Jesus.

And we get to do this!

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