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Winter NAMM 2011: Heil PR-31 BW

Heil PR-31 BW Heil PR-31 BWOK, disclaimer time: I’m a big Heil fan. We’re rapidly replacing almost all the mics on our stage with Heil products. Not because they give them to me (I wish!), but because they sound great. I’ve written before about how much I like the PR-30 on overheads (and it’s also great on electric guitar), and the new PR-31 BW is pretty much the same mic, only 4″ long. It was “designed” by Bob Workman, FOH engineer for Charlie Daniels. When I say it was “designed,” I mean Bob Workman basically cut a PR-30 down so it would fit better on the drum kit. He showed it to Bob Heil, who said, “We can build that!” It’s the same diaphragm and pattern as the PR-30, only smaller. I hope to have a few of them to play with on our B3 in a few weeks.

Heil PR-31 An interesting under-mic’ing option for cymbals.Under mic’ing cymbals seems to be all the rage now, and the PR-31 and the HH 1 drum mount surely makes a slick package. We have 3 of the HH1’s on our tom mics (PR-28s) and love them.

Heil HandiMic Heil Handi Mic Pro PlusThis is not a new product, but come on, how cute is that? The HM-Pro Plus accurate phase response, a accurate cardioid pattern and excellent rear rejection, this would make a great snare, hi-hat or tom mic. Or just about anything else, for that matter. The small size would make it easy to place around guitar cabinets or a B3. And at $108 list, I may have to buy 2-3 of them just to have.

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