What you need to know about Thunderbolt | Computers | MacUser | Macworld
I was skeptical about the need for Thunderbolt, but now I’m excited. This could be really useful for us in the audio/video fields.

The Table Project’s Jason Wenell | Church Marketing Sucks
You’ve heard about The Table. Now hear from the developer.

Receivd – Real-Time File Sharing
If you ever need to share large sets of files with someone (and who doesn’t?), this could be really useful.

Love Wins and Truth Prevails, But Speed Kills ‘em Both | Don’t Eat The Fruit
Good advice to remember before you hit the “Send” button.

Free iPad app offers software training | Business | iOS Central | Macworld
One more training resource.

Canister lets you add water (or bodily fluids) to recharge batteries
Going beyond rechargeable batteries into fuel cells. This is interesting tech coming down the pike. Now if we can adapt this to wireless mic batteries…