YouTube – Ruben’s Tube
Fire, physics and audio. What’s not to like?

2011 Oscar Projections
The fun you can have with big budgets and creative minds.

BBC News – Audio slideshow: Human Planet
For anyone who’s even remotely involved in the creating of images, this is a great watch.

AirFader – LS9 Control Software
A good looking alternative to StageMixx for Yamaha consoles. Only it runs on Windows tablet PCs instead of iOS. Bummer.

Apple iPad 2 is here and tablet rivals need to hit the drawing board – Chicago Sun-Times
“The Xoom tablet is trim, light, and very pretty … but when you place it next to the iPad 2, it looks as though it was designed and built by angry Soviet prison labor instead of by Motorola.” Say no more.

Gabe George on 7 Steps to Great Volunteers |
I hate breaking things down to X steps, but these are good ideas.

How to Build & Lead a Creative Arts Team | churchrelevance.comLeading creative teams is hard. Here is some insight from three guys who do it really well.

Leaping Brain Labs
Interesting alternative to DVD distribution. Not sure of it’s implications for church market yet, but I like the concept.

The Emperor’s New Stereo « Bob McCarthy’s Blog
Bob McCarthy explains why stereo doesn’t work in large venues.

What We Can Learn from Justin Bieber
Guy Kawasaki has some interesting thoughts here.

Willie George on the 4 Absolutes of Leadership |
Again, I don’t like lists, and again, there is a lot of good stuff in here.