Here are some cool new products coming from Extron. First up a cool matrix router. 

It’s a cross-point router that scales from 4×4 to 32×32. As you can see it handles quite an array of inputs and outputs, will switch HDCP signals and will supply power to XTP (Video over Twisted Pair) transmitters and receivers. For a church looking to set up a distributed video system on their campus, this could be pretty slick. Model name is XTP CrossPoint 3200.

The SME100 is a streaming media encoder that spits out an h.264 stream over EtherNet. It appears to have the front end of a scaler/switcher and can take component, DVI, RGB and other signals in, convert them to h.264 and stream them out. This is due by the end of the year. Duke reports the quality to be quite nice.

The DVS 605 is a digital seamless switcher that integrates HDMI, RGB, HDTV, and video sources into presentation systems. It features two universal analog outs plus optional 3G SDI outputs. Expect to pay around $3200 w/out audio, $5,000 with. 

And finally, iPad control for Extron switches. Why spend a ton of money on proprietary control interfaces, when you can just use an iPad. This would be slick for people who manage a large campus full of Extron gear…