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Upcoming Adventures: WFX, Dallas

In just a few weeks, we’ll be heading to Dallas for the WFX conference. I missed it last year, but am very excited for this year’s event. It’s going to be a full week, so I thought I’d highlight a few things. Hopefully you’re going to be able to attend (please be sure to find me and say hi!), but if you can’t, don’t worry we have a solution for you.

Tech Leader’s Retreat

First on the agenda is the Church Tech Leader’s Retreat. Pulled together by CTL, the Retreat happens on Tuesday the 8th. Unlike last year’s full-day event, this year, we’re doing two half-day retreats, which will be basically the same. The first session runs from 10:30-2:30, while the second runs from 4:30-8:30. There will be a panel of us leading, and plenty of time to break into smaller groups and discuss things around the table. 

I’m excited to be part of this great group of guys leading the event, including Dennis Choy, Todd Elliot, Greg Baker, Jeff VanderGiessen and several other great TDs. I hope and pray we can be a source of encouragement to those who attend.

The Grilled Cheese Throwdown

Well over a year ago, Jason Cole challenged me to a Grilled Cheese Throwdown, and it’s finally happening in Dallas in a few weeks. The stage is set for us to compete in “kitchen stadium” at the main campus of Lake Pointe Church at 701 E Interstate 30, Rockwall, TX (exit 67C off of I-30, Room W300, third floor, it’s the “West Wing”) . The clash of the cheese titans will occur at 7 PM on Wednesday the 9th. The event will be hosted by my good friends Van and Duke as well as Tom Petroski, and judged by Bill Swaringim and Jonathan Davis. It will be a bummer for Jason to loose on his home turf, but that will just give us an excuse for a SoCal rematch someday.

Video Coverage

As we did at NAB, Van and I will be bringing you exclusive Church Tech Weekly coverage of the WFX show floor. The list of companies exhibiting is actually quite impressive and there have been a fair number of new product announcements since NAB. I think we’ll have a great time doing this. 

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention and thank our sponsor for this coverage, RightsFlow. We had Chris Lydle on the podcast this week and talked a lot about the copyright issues churches face. RightsFlow is a great product that makes it easy and affordable to stay legal, so be sure to check them out. Van and I thank them for their support!

A Panel Discussion

I will also be one of several panelists on Wednesday afternoon, leading a session called, “How to Develop Ruthless Respect From your Leadership.” Long name, but I think it will be a good discussion. Joining me will be Anthony Coppedge, Todd Elliot, Dennis Choy and Daryl Cripe. If getting leadership to listen to you has been a challenge, swing by that session; hopefully we’ll have some good insight for you.

Live CTW Podcast

For many of us, the live podcast we did at the MGM Grand Buffet was the highlight of NAB. Whether is was Bill dropping chocolate mousse on Van’s shoe or Giessen talking into a napkin-rolled set of flatware, it was a bit of a circus. 

This time around, we plan on doing the same thing. The time and place has not been nailed down yet, but we’re giving serious thought to recording the show right after the Grilled Cheese Throwdown. Which makes it important for many of you to come out so we’ll have a large studio audience. And it will be really fun…

Help Needed

One thing I need to ask for is a little help. If anyone has a handheld HDV or similar video camera we could borrow for a few days, it would be a huge help. I could fly one in from here, but if I don’t have to, life is easier. I’m not super-picky on what it is, but HD would be preferable. Small and light are good, and XLR inputs are our only real must-have. If you have something we can use, please contact me at mike {at} churchtecharts {dot} org. We’ll even give you credit during the production. 

Also, we could potentially use a 4-8 channel USB or FireWire audio interface and some vocal mics. If we record the show at Firewheel, we’re probably covered. If not, we’ll need something. Again, I can bring mics in from here, but if I don’t have to, life is easier. Again, credit will be offered. Crowd-sourcing our production needs; now that’s progress!

Like I said when I went to Gurus, meeting readers and listeners was a highlight, and I am looking forward to meeting many of you at WFX. If you see us walking by, don’t hesitate to say hi. And if you introduce yourself with your twitter handle, we’ll recognize you faster! See you in Dallas!

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  1. isaiahf@sandalschurch.com

    I am so stoked to be able to go and meet a bunch of guys in person that I've only interfaced with on Twitter. I'll finally get to match a face to an avatar! See you all there!

  2. isaiahf@sandalschurch.com

    I am so stoked to be able to go and meet a bunch of guys in person that I've only interfaced with on Twitter. I'll finally get to match a face to an avatar! See you all there!

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