While most of the readers of this site are in the US, we do have a good contingent of readers from across the pond. I was recently made aware of an interesting demo day that those of you in the UK might be interested in. SFL Productions in Reading is holding a DigiFest Day (actually two days…) on November 9 and 12. From 10 PM-5 PM, you can play with the latest digital desks from Midas, DiGiCo, Roland, Avid, Allen & Heath, Soundcraft, Presonus and Yamaha. 

They will have them set up with virtual soundcheck in both FOH and monitor configurations so you can see how they perform. This actually is a great idea, and if I wasn’t located halfway around the world, I would pop in for a visit. Well, that and the fact that I’ll be covering WFX at that time. Still, how often do you get to compare and contrast all major digital consoles under one roof at the same time? It’s brilliant!

It’s a free event, so visit the SFL Productions website for more information. 

As a challenge to our US production houses, who wants to do a similar event over here?