Well, we had hoped to be bringing you WFX coverage while the show was still going on, but it didn’t work out that way. Never fear, however, we shot plenty of footage and over the next week or so we’ll be getting it all posted. While there weren’t a ton of new announcements, we did see some pretty great stuff. In this post, we’ll show you the new DPA D:fine headset. In future posts, we’ll show you ways to move all manner of video signals all over your facility through category cable; one of the best ways to migrate from SD to HD IMAG; give you a glimpse at the new Shure Axient system; we’ll give you a complete rundown of the new ProPresenter 5 and introduce you to a new and fantastic alternative to the Aviom system (and no, it’s not the M-48!). 

Before we go any further, I have to thank RightsFlow for sponsoring our WFX Coverage. With their limelight and myspark services, they have some great resources for both protecting your original work and liscensing other’s. Please visit their websites and check them out—I want to show them a lot of love for taking care of us! 

And I also need to give a big shout out to my friend Mark Hanna for loaning us his Canon XL-A1 for the week to shoot with. The images look great and it was a big deal for me to not have to bring a camera in for the event. Thanks, Mark! We mention this in the wrap up video, but I also need to thank Isaiah Franco for being our intrepid camera man the entire week. That was also a huge help!

Van and I had a fantastic time in Dallas and got to hang out with and meet so many wonderful people. And for me, that’s the real benefit of this show; it may not be the greatest trade show, but it’s where people are. The church is in the people business, so we need to be about that as well. 

Without further adieu, let us get on with the business of bringing the show to you!

Today’s post is brought to you buy Heil Sound. Established in 1966, Heil Sound Ltd. has developed many professional audio innovations over the years, and is currently a world leader in the design and manufacture of large diaphragm dynamic, professional grade microphones for live sound, broadcast and recording.