This is a guest post by my good friend, Duke Dejong. He got hands on with the new Mackie mixer and here is his overview.

What makes the DL1608 so unique is the fact that outside of gain knobs, the mixer is entirely iPad based, with all of your mixing and processing control happening real time on either a docked or wirelessly connected iPad. 

Sporting 16 of their Onyx pre-amps (4 being combo mic/line inputs) with 24bit Cirrus Logic® AD/DA converters and a 4 band EQ, compression and gate for each input, this mixer has some possibilities as a great small room or portable solution, especially where possible FOH positions are less than ideal.  With the ability to connect 1 docked and 10 wireless iPads, up to 11 iPads within wireless reach can share the duties of mixing house and monitor sound. 

To add more fun from your iPad, the console includes 2 stereo channels from the iPad dock which can integrate audio from ANY app (can you say click or loop tracks?).  If playing music back isn’t what you need, a docked iPad can also record a stereo mix direct from the board.  Add total snapshot recall and custom channel presets and you have a powerful, compact, versatile mixer that can be controlled at your fingertips wherever you go in the room.  And did I mention the expected list price is only $995 (not including iPad)?  I’ll be very anxious to play with one of these once they ship, expected to begin in June.