Today we celebrate the founding of our nation. While I’m a bit concerned about many current events—political, social and religious—the fact remains that we are one of the few nations on earth people are still clamoring to get into. So while we may have our struggles and issues, I’d rather live hear than anywhere else. 

To celebrate the Fourth, our worship team put together a pretty rockin’ mix of America the Beautiful. The arrangement was done by one of our resident piano players, Scott Wilkie. Since they totally rocked it, I am posting the video here for your enjoyment.  

For some reason, the Vimeo file muxed the audio down to mono, which doesn’t sound nearly as good as my quick and dirty “live mix down” that I did after services. Basically, I ran the tracks back through the SD8, rebalnced the drums and made a few tweaks, and mixed it “live” to another computer for recording. It’s not perfect, but it sounds pretty good. So because I’m a bit of an audio snob, I’m including the audio file here as well. I’ll fix the audio on the video at some point next week, but it won’t make nearly as much sense to post it then.

UPDATE 7-5-12: For some reason, the video has been switched back to private by the CHCC webmaster. For now it’s off-line, and since I’m on vacation this week, I don’t know what’s going on. Until I figure it out, enjoy the audio below! END UPDATE

But here’s the audio file (click to stream it):

America the Beautiful as played by Coast Hills Community Church

Take time to not only enjoy a day off, but also to reflect on what has made our nation great. By God’s grace, we can perhaps see a return her former glory.

Happy Fourth of July!

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