Today is Christmas day, and as I enjoy my first day off in a few weeks—along with most of you, I suspect—I’m reflecting on how blessed we are. I’m surrounded by family and friends, I work with some amazing people and I get to be part of sharing the good news of the Gospel with people all over Orange County. 

I hear from so many of you who appreciate this blog and ChurchTechWeekly. But I really want to thank you for reading and listening. Without you, dear readers, this site would only be notes to myself.

Friends and technical artists, you are the artisans of today’s church. You help proclaim timeless truths in a modern vernacular that resonates with people today. You may be working behind the scenes and away from the spotlight, but you are as important and needed as the priests in the temple. 

Enjoy a time of rest this week. Spend some time alone reflecting on what we get to do. And let’s enter into the new year with a renewed sense of excitement about leading our teams and our churches into the presence of our Savior. Merry Christmas!