Christmas Eve has been a big deal at Coast Hills for a long time, and it’s become more important in the last few years that I’ve been around. This year and last, we’ve dispensed with the big pre-Christmas production and put all our proverbial eggs in the Christmas Eve Service basket. By all accounts, that seems to have been a great decision. 

I haven’t seen the final numbers yet, but it’s a pretty safe bet we surpassed the 4,000 expected attendance number. The 4:30 in particular was standing room only with eight rows of folding chairs in the lobby.

Christmas Eve is one of my favorite services of the year to mix. It’s a wide range of music, musical styles and we get a mid-week rehearsal so I had a good chance to really work on the mixes. We also do a great job of presenting the miracle of Christ coming to Earth and the need for his saving grace. Being part of sharing the Gospel to 4,000 people in one day is a pretty humbling experience. 

From a production standpoint, this was very similar to what we did last year. We again hung the antique lightbulbs (that we found at on bare cords, but we changed the set up quite a bit. We still wanted a warm, inviting look, but whereas last year it was more of a “kids turning the inside of a barn into a church” look, this year was a bit more industrial chic.

In the coming week or so, I’ll talk more about the set (the 3D Block Wall in particular), and some of my production workflows. But for today, enjoy a pictorial journey through the service.

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