Today, we’re continuing our series of New Year’s Resolutions for technical leaders. We’ve already looked at the benefits of working less and delegating more. This time, we’ll consider those to whom we delegate.


Train More Volunteers

We all know we need more volunteers in our ministry. It’s pretty rare that I run into a technical leader who says, “Oh no, I can’t handle any more volunteers.” Most of us could always use a few more. 

For our ministry in 2013, we’re going to try to make this the year of training for our teams. We’ve done a pretty good job of build some solid teams, but we’ve neglected training them. Sure, we gave them the basics, but it’s time to go deeper. We need to really build their skill sets. 

I would love to have more people who can do more of what I do. I want them to be more than mere button pushers; I want people who can walk into the auditorium, see what is needed and make it so. They will be able to do that because they know the what, how and why behind what we do. 

To be sure, we have a few of those people already. We just need more of them. As much as I enjoy doing the work of a technician, it’s even more fun to watch a team that is skilled and empowered to do the job and do it well. Also, it ties in nicely with my ideal in the first post in this series to work less. 

The trick, of course, is finding these people. Sometimes we’ll do the announcement, or bulletin thing. I also ask our existing team members to recruit their friends; after all, it’s fun to work with people you know and like (our newest ProPresenter volunteer is the girlfriend of one of our lighting guys). 

But the other day, I was reading through the Gospel of Mark and noticing how intentional Jesus was about calling certain people to work with him. I’ve started praying that God would give me eyes to see those that I need to call into His service in technical ministry. I don’t expect to find a ton of people that way, but a dozen would sure be nice. 

As time goes on, our jobs as technical leaders are going to become more about leading people than doing technical things. So why not get a jump on your new job description and raise up a few more people who are better trained this year than last?

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