The Nuage is a new control surface and workstation from Yamaha & Steinberg. It’s a modular design with fader banks, a master control module and audio interfaces that can be arranged and customized for the user. It has some pretty slick features and should be a hit with post production and music editing. Learn more at the Yamaha website.

Today’s post is brought to you by Planning Center Resources. Never overbook again! Check events to see which resources have been reserved. Room setups and custom questions give you all the answers you need in a simple glance. Room Setups: Every individual room page has a new Room Setups section. Add different room setups each with their own image and description on how each room can be setup. When they reserve the room the first thing they are asked is which setup they’d like. This is especially helpful if your rooms serve multiple purposes. For more information, visit Planning Center Resources.