So I was thinking it might be helpful to have a post that recapped all the NAB videos in one spot. After two weeks of constant coverage, I’m a little NAB’d out, but this wraps it up and we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming next week. Until then, enjoy the Compete Guide to NAB 2013 Coverage! (And I have them all set to open in a new window so you won’t lose the list every time you watch one. You’re welcome.)

CTW NAB 2013 Coverage: Convergent Design Odyssey The cool 7″ OLED field monitor and recorder. 

CTW NAB 2013 Coverage: Matrox Monarch A slick little dual-streaming device.

CTW NAB 2013 Coverage: Ross Carbonite eXtreme A Carbonite plus a 144 square router in one box. How cool is that?

CTW NAB 2013 Coverage: Ross Dashboard Making it ever easier to control, well, just about everything.

CTW NAB 2013 Coverage: Atomos Connect Converters It’s cheaper and easier than ever to convert HDMI to HD-SDI.

CTW NAB 2013 Coverage: Hitachi Z5000 HD Camera Still a great camera for IMAG.

CTW NAB 2013 Coverage: Izotope RX2 Audio Restoration The video guy’s best friend for cleaning up audio.

CTW NAB 2013 Coverage: Ciphertex CX-6K-MD NAS System Lots of secure, affordable storage in a beautiful enclosure. 

CTW NAB 2013 Coverage: MOTU HDX-SDI with Thunderbolt Finally, a Thunderbolt SDI interface that has professional features and connections!

CTW NAB 2013 Coverage: ProMax One+ Workstation Sick of waiting for the new MacPro? This is a Mac-Daddy Windows workstation.

CTW NAB 2013 Coverage: Padcaster One of our favorite little products of the show. So simple, so useful. It’s now easy to mount your iPad on a tripod.

CTW NAB 2013 Coverage: Yamaha/Steinberg Nuage DAW System Look out ProTools; this is some serious competition. 

CTW NAB 2013 Coverage: Lectrosonics BOB Dante Break In/Break Out Who doesn’t like a product named BOB? And if you’re using Dante, you’ll love it.

CTW NAB 2013 Coverage: EZ FX Jib and Crane After shooting a video of this, I really kind of want my EZ FX Jib back…

CTW NAB 2013 Coverage: Tascam DR-60D At long last, a great solution for getting quality audio when shooting with a DSLR.

CTW NAB 2013 Coverage: Softron Movie Recorder & On The Air HD Video time slipping that some of us can actually afford.

CTW NAB 2013 Coverage: Sonnet xMac mini Server One of the slickest ways I’ve seen to super-charge a Mac Mini.

CTW NAB 2013 Coverage: Roland VC-1 Video Converters We learn that not all mini-converters are created equal. And these look pretty dang good.

CTW NAB 2013 Coverage: Platform Studio Ingest, transcoding, storage, asset management, all in one convenient box. Fantastic!

CTW NAB 2013 Coverage: Renewed Vision ProVideoServer ProVideoSync is all grown up and is now a full-blown media server. As we discover in, of all places, a parking garage.

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