Gurus 2013 is happening soon; starting Tuesday May 21 at Willow Creek in Chicago. Van and I are excited to be going and while we’ve talked about it on the podcast, I thought we should mention it here as well. If you see us walking around, please come up and say hi. We love talking to you guys and putting faces to the names.

We’ll be recording a live ChurchTechWeekly during lunch on Wednesday, with a second segment taking place during the facility tour later in the day. We’d love to hear from you, so look for us in the auditorium and come over and join the fun for a few minutes.

If you can’t be there, we hope to be able to broadcast the first half of the podcast during lunch on our Livestream channel. If all goes well, we’ll be live sometime around 11:45 AM CDT. We’ll also be doing some video coverage—interviews and stories from speakers and attendees alike, so watch the blog for that as well.

The event is free, and it’s not too late to register, so if you can get to Chicago by Tuesday, you can still make it happen.

Hope to see you at Gurus!