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Today is Labor Day. When I think of people who work hard, make a great contribution and are often not properly recognized, I think of technical leaders; and especially those of you who volunteer your services at your local church. We often think of Labor Day as a great retail sales day, or a wonderful excuse to cook some ribs (not that we need an excuse…). 

But Labor Day is a time to rest, and reflect on the work that we do as laborers. Originally, the day was meant to celebrate the kind of guys who work in factories, who cut down trees or build skyscrapers. Today, it is for pretty much anyone who works. I think it’s good and fitting that we have a national holiday to recognize laborers. But I also think we should use this chance to contemplate the original Labor Day—the Sabbath. 

I’ve written about the Sabbath before (twice in fact, here and here), but I couldn’t help think about it today. Jesus said, “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath” (Mark 2:27). It’s interesting to me that God, the Creator of the Universe and all that is in it, set aside a day for us to rest. He did this because He knew that we would have a tendency to keep working and tire out. And not just tire out, but burn out. 

Most technical leaders I know are wired much like me. We have high work ethics and a high sense of responsibility. When we feel there is a task that needs to be done, we get it done. Forget days off, if we need to work harder to meet a deadline (self-imposed or not), we’ll do it. 

But is that what we’re really made for? One thing I have to continually remind myself is that me working harder does not increase my standing with God. And the reason is not because God is continually weighing my work and seeing how I measure up. It’s because He can’t possibly love me more than He already does.

The same is true for you. God loves you as his child regardless of how hard you do or do not work.

So today, take some time and rest in His love. Remember that it’s OK to take a day off and just be. In fact, He kind of tells us to do that once a week—forget once a year. It is important to remember that our worth is not in how much we get done, but in how much Jesus paid for us on the cross. 

Enjoy the day off! Rest, reflect and soak in His love for you.

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