Last time, I stared with my summer reading list. It ended up being a lot longer than I thought it would, so I broke it up. I told you once I got my Kindle I started reading more, and I guess it’s true. Only two of these are dead tree versions; the rest are all e-books. Get reading!

I’m about 1/2 through this book and already it’s been challenging me. This book is written for almost anyone in a position of leadership, and it’s a very easy read. Told in the form of an allegory, it’s an easy read, but is packed with wisdom. The basic concept is that we can do the right things for the wrong reasons, and we have to be really careful to see people as people, not objects that stand in the way of or help accomplish our objectives. Yeah, this will shake you up a bit.

You’ve probably seen the movie (and if not, you should). The book is a lot like that only with a lot more detail. It’s a pretty dense read, and at times I felt like giving up. But there are some really great leadership lessons in there, and at times, I found myself in tears as Hal Moore described the sacrifice those solders gave for each other. At the end of the book I thought, “I want to lead like Hal, and I hope my team will be half as committed as his.”

This was just a fun read. He details the beginnings of the computer revolution starting with the first computers installed at MIT and the first real hackers. Having read this book, I have a lot greater appreciation for what happens every time I pull out my iPhone.

I think I read this in about two evenings; so yes, it’s short, but it’s also an incredibly engaging and funny read. I knew a little bit of Steve Martin’s story, but in this book, he unpacks how he got his start in show business, and tells some pretty hilarious stories along the way. It’s definitely a fun read.


By James Rollins

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Sigma is one of those super-secret government organizations that no one knows about. Made up of super-smart operatives who are trained in everything from biology, medicine, history, physics, chemistry, engineering and of course, combat, they are a pretty formidable crew. The stories are rich with character development, and have plots with more twists and turns than a bin of mic cables put away by the student ministry. I highly recommend you start at the beginning with Sandstorm and work your way through. It’s not necessary, but I started in the middle, and decided to go back to the beginning and start again. Be forewarned; if you start one of these books at 10 PM, it might be a while before you get to bed.

For your convenience, here is the order of the books:


Map of Bones

Black Order

Judas Strain

Last Oracle

Doomsday Key

Skeleton Key (Short)

Devil Colony


Eye of God

There you go. That’s pretty much what I read this summer. I could have included a few others that I also read this spring, but then this would be three posts. What did you read this summer? And how has it made a difference in your ministry or life?

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