We’re back with the rest of our interview with the guys from Church on the Move. This week, we talk about how to grow as people and as a team, why working with quality people is important, how to develop authentic volunteers, and why always learning is important. Having watched this multiple times, now, I can tell you, this interview is gold.

Since we’re talking about COTM here, I want to bring up the most excellent Seeds Conference, that is happening March 5-7, 2014. Van & I had the privilege of going last year, and it has easily become our favorite conference. Not only was the entire conference put on with excellence, the content was simply amazing. I feel like I’m still parsing some of the things we learned, and rarely a week goes by when I don’t quote one of the speakers. 

For next year, the speaking lineup is again fantastic. Of course Willie George will be speaking, and Craig Groeschel is back again. Also joining the lineup is Rick Warren, Lee Cockerell and Chip Heath. Rick Warren you know. Lee Cockerell was the EVP of Walt Disney World for something like 40 years. He’s a wealth of information. Chip Heath and his brother Dan are best-selling authors, and have written several of my favorite books (Made to Stick and Switch). I’m really looking forward to his talk.  Of course, many of the staff of COTM will be speaking as well.

They are doing something kind of unique with registration this year. It opens up on October 1, and for the first 50 people, the cost will be $99. The next 300 people will pay $119, the next 300 will pay $139 and so on until it sells out (which it will). They also have a special church planter rate of $99 for anyone on your team. 

Van & I will be there again, only this time we’ll be doing video coverage of the event. We’re still working out details, but we look forward to bringing you some of the flavor of the conference if you can’t be there. So plan to join us—you will learn and be encouraged. And make sure you say hi if you see us! 

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