Since it’s Thanksgiving, it seems almost obligatory to do a “thankful” post. But I was part of a gathering a few weeks ago that put a whole new spin on this. Van and I participate in monthly Grove Gatherings sponsored by The Grove Center for Arts and Media. These are great gatherings of artists of all types; worship leaders, musicians, painters, sculptors, writers and yes, the odd tech guy or two (that would be me and Van). 

Last month, we celebrated communion together. This was especially meaningful for me as I rarely get to be part of communion at church; I’m usually mixing or lighting or something. As our leader was preparing us for what was to come, she told us of a vision she had while praying for the evening. 

She pictured Jesus standing right next to her in that room with all of us sitting there. He leaned in and looking at each of us said, “I am proud of you, and I’m thankful for you.” It was a holy moment to be sure.

I’ve been thinking about that a lot for the last few weeks. As a technical artist, I’m now pretty used to not being thanked for what I do. It’s part of the gig, and I’m not bitter about it. Really. But it is nice to be thanked, and to have a picture of Jesus himself telling me he was thankful for me and proud of me, well that stuck a pretty deep chord. 

Then I started to think of all the technical artists and leaders I’ve had the opportunity to meet in the last few years. One of my first thoughts after she said what she did was, “I have to share this with my fellow tech guys!” And as I prayed about it the last few weeks, it’s become clear to me that this same message that Van and I received is for you to. 

Jesus wants you to know he is proud of you and he is thankful for you. 

Just pause for a moment and let that sink in. Jesus is thankful for you.

He’s thankful for the many, many hours you put in serving His Church. He’s thankful for the way you proclaim the truth of His Gospel using art and technology. He’s thankful for the way you serve. 

It’s easy for us to sit in the dark, at the back of there room, and feel invisible. But Jesus sees what we do. And He is proud of us. 

So I want to encourage you with that thought on the eve of Thanksgiving. 

I’ve talked with enough of you to know that some of you are really hurting right now. You’re in a place where you wonder if you just power down the booth, walk out and never look back. I can’t tell you if you should or not, but before you do, remember Jesus sees you and is thankful for you. 

And this is not in a generalist sense, as in He’s thankful for us as a group. He is thankful for YOU. 

So be encouraged. Even if your senior pastor doesn’t ever say thank you, Jesus does. If the worship leader or band never says thanks, Jesus does. If all you ever get is complaints from the congregation, Jesus is still thankful for you (though perhaps you need to fix some things…). 

And by the way, for any pastors, worship leaders and musicians out there reading this, thank your tech team this weekend. They often serve week in and week out without ever a word of thanks from anyone, yet they keep coming back. 

So one more time before we go, remember—Jesus is thankful for you. And He’s proud of you. Don’t head off into the craziness of the next month without soaking in that beautiful truth for a little while.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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