I don’t know if you experience this in your life, but it seems God works in seasons for me. For much of my adult life, I have experienced alternating five- and four-year seasons. That pattern broke in 2006 when I joined the staff of a church in Western NY as the part-time TD. This month marks my eight year (and third church) in that role. These last eight years have been amazing, hard, fulfilling, challenging and stretching. I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. But as He does, God is stirring. 

I’ve felt for a good two years that my season at Coast Hills would come to an end sometime around the spring of this year. I can’t explain how I knew that, other than it roughly coincides with my youngest graduating high school. My wife felt the stirring, too, and we had begun to discuss what it would look like next. We talked about leaving CA, moving back east. But we didn’t know what we would be doing. 

This winter, a few things cropped up in our family that caused us to think that plans were being put on hold. We’re all fine, we’re still a family and all is cool, but some things were causing us to re-think our plans to leave CA. So, we surrendered our plans to the Lord. And then it happened.

As you read this (assuming you read it on the day I posted it, May 2), I am cleaning out my office at Coast Hills. About eight weeks ago, a tremendous opportunity that could only be from God simply dropped into my lap. Literally weeks after I told the Lord I was more than willing to stay here for another year—or more, if necessary—He presented me with something I’ve been dreaming about for a few years. 

Coast Hills has been great through the transition and I can happily say I’m leaving on the best of terms. My time here has been fantastic. There have been frustrations; there are in any job. But overall, I have learned much and accomplished much. By the time we finish the remodel this July (and I get to be part of that), I will have changed out every AVL system in the building. Coast Hills will have a brand-new, completely re-fitted system to move into their next season. 

There are great things on the horizon and to say I’m excited about this next chapter would be an understatement. Rest assured ChurchTechArts and ChurchTechWeekly will continue as always and I think we’ll be able to have even more influence. 

What is it that I’ll be doing? Tune in on Monday—the first day of my new adventure—to find out!