Photo courtesy of  Jeff Kubina

Photo courtesy of Jeff Kubina

I think by now most of you know that for the last year or so I’ve been helping churches in a different way than I had in the past. I left church staff last May and have been working for an AVL integration company called Flexstage. Flexstage is part of Visioneering, which is a cool architecture firm that primarily designs and builds churches. I was attracted to this company because I’ve felt for a long time that many of the problems we see in the architectural design of churches could be avoided if the AV guys were involved earlier in the process. Being the AV guy across the hall from the architects seemed like a great way to do that. 

And it has been. It’s been a great year. I’ve learned a ton, installed over a dozen systems, and helped a lot of churches do ministry better. I’m very grateful for the opportunity and really enjoyed most of the time there (hey, we all have bad days no matter where we are). 

As much as I’ve enjoyed my time there, a new opportunity has presented itself which I simply couldn’t pass up. Making a change again so soon was a hard decision as I don’t really want to be the guy who jumps from job to job trying to climb the ladder. But in this case, it was pretty clear that God was moving and things that we’ve been dreaming about for a long time were coming to fruition. 

So, as you read this, I’m wrapping up my time at Flexstage and preparing to move on to my next Kingdom assignment. I feel like this next opportunity will allow me to get even more focused on what I’m really good at, while taking some of the pressure off the stuff that I’m not as well equipped for. And if all goes well, I’ll have more time to develop new content for this site. We have a lot of ideas and I think you’ll be seeing some cool stuff in the coming months. 

Watch the blog next Monday for the official announcement of where I’m off to next. For some of you it won’t be a surprise at all. But it is going to be fun. Thanks for reading!

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