Image courtesy of  Kevin Dooley

Image courtesy of Kevin Dooley

Well, here we are, just a little over a week from Christmas. Most of you are already in the heat of the battle known as December. Now that I’m not in production mode all month, I’ve become a little more contemplative during this time of year. While reading over some of my old posts around this time, and mulling over the sermon from this past weekend, I got to thinking about the concept of Emanuel, God With Us. 

One of the thoughts that has really challenged me in the last few years is this: What if God doesn’t want me to do anything for Him? What if He doesn’t need me to serve Him or others? What if He doesn’t need me spend 80 hours a week working on the Christmas production for a month?


What if He just wants to be with me? With you?


Pause a moment and let that sink in. What if God really, down deep in the core of His being, just wants to be with you? 


Now, I can already hear the clamor. But we have to build sets! We have to rehearse! We have to hang lights! We have to… Those are all fine things, and they can even be fun. But what if we don’t have to do that? What if we simply need to enjoy His presence this season? What does that change?


Of course, many of you have earthly bosses who are telling you that there is much work to be done and you’re just the guy to do it. Perhaps. And perhaps they are the ones who should be pointing this concept out instead of me. Perhaps. 


You see, God doesn’t need anything from us to love us. It’s just like with our kids. I don’t need my girls to get me a present for me to love them this Christmas. I just want to be with them. Now that we live 2,000 miles from our kids, and we’ll only get to be with one of them for Christmas, this concept is really starting to sink in. 


For my daughter who can’t be with us, I don’t want her to do anything, I just want her to be here, to sit on the couch and talk. To hang out, To just be. Here. 


I think that’s how God feels about us sometimes. Maybe a lot of times. We can get so busy doing stuff ostensibly for Him, that we forget he just wants us to be with Him


Just a thought as you gear up for the last 10 days of Christmas…


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