One of the things I love the most about being part of the Church tech community is just that; community. It is amazing to me to see what an amazing community of fellow technical artists has grown up in just a few years. I still vividly remember my early days as a TD, days when I wasn’t aware there were other TDs. Then I found one, and another, and a few more. Seven years ago Bill contacted me about starting a group of like-minded TDs for support and encouragement. That little “roundtable” has become CTL, and it’s several thousand members strong. 

Also about seven years ago, just before I left Minneapolis, I got an email from someone who I now count as a friend. Jonathan Davis was then TD of Bethlehem Baptist church. He wanted to meet and talk about being a TD. So we did. That conversation led to many more, and in the intervening years, I’ve had the privilege to get to know Jonathan and his heart for following God and serving the Church. 

A few years back Jonathan felt the call into pastoral ministry and set himself on a course do become a pastor. He dropped back to part-time at the church—where he still works in the tech department—and enrolled in seminar full-time. It has been a joy to watch what God is doing in this man’s life and I can’t wait to see how he is used to further the Kingdom.

This journey has not been without challenges. Early this year, his son Joel had some unexplained pain in his leg. A visit to the doctor led to the one word that a parent dreads; cancer. I won’t try to re-count the entire story here, you can see that on Jonathan’s blog or his Facebook page. However, after surgery, radiation and chemo, the prognosis is good. Joel is doing well, and holding up better than any kid should be after what he’s been through. That’s the good news.

The harder news is that all of this has taken a toll on the family. Jonathan has been working part-time at the church while in seminary full-time. His wife also works part-time. With Joel’s treatments, both have had to take time off work to care for their son, as any parent would gladly do. The downside is that it puts a strain on the family’s finances. 

A few weeks back, a mutual friend, Tim Gibson, reached out to a few of us and asked if we would be willing to stand in the gap with the Davis family financially. Those that could, did. But I felt we could do more. So I contacted Jonathan’s boss, Tim Frederick—also someone I’ve been blessed to get to know over the past few years—and asked what else we could do. He and I hatched this plan.

Regular readers of this website will remember the fall of 2014 when my first pastor and mentor suffered a serious medical condition. They needed help financially and many of you rose to the challenge. Together, we raised quite a bit of money for the Boehm family, and as a quick update, when all the medical bills were settled, they had exactly enough to pay it all off. God is good! 

I feel like it’s time we step in and do this again. The Davis’s need our help. And I’m going to ask you to consider helping out. They are actually fine on a medical bill standpoint—their insurance has been good. However, they need help with day to day expenses. So here’s what I’m asking of you: If you can, send them a check to help cover their bills. It doesn’t have to be a huge check, but some 8,000-10,000 people read this website. If 10% sent $25, we could support them through this trial. 

Here’s what to do:

Make the check out to Jonathan Davis. You’re going to mail that check (made out to Jonathan Davis, remember) to:

Tim Frederick
Bethlehem Baptist Church
720 -13th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55415-1793 

This won’t be tax deductible, and there’s no foundation or system in the middle. They will get 100% of the donations. It’s one person helping another. Or a lot of people helping this family. Maybe consider putting a note of encouragement in there as well.

Tim will collect the checks and pass them on to Jonathan. Send what you can and we’ll trust God to collectively provide. One of the greatest joys in life is giving of yourself to help another. Jonathan has been a huge blessing to the community of church techs, and this is an opportunity to bless them right back. Now, if you’re totally new-school and don’t have a checking account but still want to help out, send me an email and we’ll work something out. 

I should point out that Jonathan doesn’t know I’m doing this. Tim, Tim and I hatched this plan on our own. None of us get anything from this, we’re just trying to help one of our brothers. 

Finally, pray for the Davis family. As I said, things are looking good for Joel, but there is still a long road ahead. God will use all of this, but let’s not make them carry the burden alone. Thanks for helping out. Tell Siri to remind you to send Jonathan a check when you get home tonight. Every little bit will make a huge difference in their lives!

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