Image courtesy of Waldo

Image courtesy of Waldo

Regular readers of this website have likely noticed the falloff in post frequency of late. Listeners of the podcast have likewise noticed that ChurchTechWeekly is more like ChurchTechMonthly as well. It’s been a while since I shared much of what’s going on in my personal life, so I thought I would take a few hundred words to do so. 

On The Road Again

That’s been the theme of this year for me. During the first quarter of 2016, I was on the road almost every week for at least a few days each week. Between trips to the office, conferences, visits to churches and commissioning systems, it was a busy time. And I’m not going to lie, it was exhausting. The last month has been a little better, and I’ve only had a few trips in the second quarter so far, but there’s more going on (more on that later). 

The thing that’s hardest about being on the road is how disruptive it is for everything else in life. When I get back after a week out, there’s a mountain of mail and other chores to be handled, all before I go back out again. And for those few days that I’m home, I really don’t want to sit around writing blog posts, or reviewing equipment. The work has been good, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve the Church, while earning a good living. But the free time is less than it was. 

Family Changes

When my wife and I moved to Nashville, our two daughters stayed in California. We were sad to not have them with us, but they’re young adults and they wanted to live their lives, and we applaud them for that. About 8 weeks ago, we got a call from our younger daughter, and she indicated that she really wanted to leave SoCal. It wasn’t going nearly as well as she hoped it would be, and she wanted a fresh start. She asked if she could come live with us for a while she got settled, found a job and saved up some money to move back out on her own, this time around Nashville. Of course we said yes! 

So while I had almost a month home a few weeks back, much of that time was spent getting ready for Robyn to move home. Again, this is all good stuff, and we’re excited to have her back with us, even for a little while. But it’s taken time away from my writing pursuits. 

Mental Bandwidth

One of the biggest reasons I’m not writing as much as I once was is simply the lack of mental bandwidth. When I was a church TD, I worked hard and sometimes long hours. But it was all stuff I was extremely good at and didn’t require high amounts of mental exertion. As a TD, I felt like I was using about 30-40% of my capacity, which is why I wanted a change. Now I have a great job that uses 70-80% of my capacity, which I enjoy, but there’s a lot less left over for ChurchTechArts. 

Even when I’m not on the road, I’m pretty worn out by the end of most days as I continue to acclimate to my new role and build processes to make it better. That will come, and at some point it won’t be as tiring, but for now, it’s a lot. 

I write all this not to complain or give anyone cause to feel sorry for me. I’m happy with where my life is, and I’m grateful for the opportunities. But it is definitely a new life stage that is causing me to adjust. My intention is to keep plugging away at posts as I’m able for the foreseeable future and, who knows, a year from now, things could be humming along and I’ll be back to three posts a week. Or I’ll be completely worn out and in need of a sabbatical.

So that’s where we are. ChurchTechArts is not dead, and I have some ideas on new CTA projects I want to take on this summer if time permits. Thanks to each of you for being faithful readers and for all the support and encouragement you’ve shown me over the years. I love hearing your stories and hearing how God is using you to build His Kingdom. We’ll continue this journey together!

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