Image courtesy of  mpclemens

Image courtesy of mpclemens

Most of you know by now that I’ve spent many years on staff at multiple churches. One thing that I’ve known, but maybe didn’t live in the reality of is that ultimately, it’s only the people that matter in our work. Now, that might come as somewhat of a surprise from me, an introvert who chose tech because I prefer working with gear rather than people. But here’s the thing: the gear will break, wear out or be replaced. Your amazing stage organization system will be replaced by someone who comes after you. It is only the impact you have in people’s lives that matter. 

This lesson was driven home for me a few weeks ago. I was on staff at a large church for a while, and when I got there, the technical systems were a disaster. I spent several years tearing it all out, cleaning it all up and replacing much of it. My team and I spent many hours organizing, cleaning and sorting through our stuff. We had everything extremely well organized, and everything had a place, and it all lived there. It was easy for just about anyone to walk into our audio storage room and find what they needed. 

The other day, a friend sent me some pictures of what it looks like today. Just 2 1/2 years after I left, it’s back to a worse disaster than it was when I got there. Ultimately, this is a failure of leadership of the church not keeping qualified personnel on staff. However, more than that, it reminded me that everything I did can just as easily be undone. Just as a forest will consume anything that’s left there, our work only remains for a short time later we leave.

The thing that encourages me in this whole discovery is that I know I made an impact in the lives of my team. I probably didn’t do as much as I could have with them, but I am confident that they were encouraged by the time we had together. Mainly I know because they have told me. More than that, I see the fruit in their lives. 

So if you are expecting your awesome setup to live forever, prepare to be disappointed. But if you pour into the people you serve with, you will make a lasting impact. Yes, I know this can be tough for introverts. I get it. I don’t do it perfectly or maybe even well. But it’s all that matters.

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