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Church Tech Weekly Episode 31: Church Pottery

In a rather fun & lively episode, Mike and Van are joined by Duke Dejong and Kevin Sanchez right after a SoCal Area CTDRT meet up. The group has great fun talking about new projector technology, the importance of mentoring and of course, have some great picks of the week.


Van Metsche

Duke Dejong

Kevin Sanchez


Sony VPL-FX500L LCD Projector $7000 List

Where’s My Droid (Android App) Free

TripIt (Travel Service/iPhone App)

Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? (Book by Seth Godin) $15

Symetrix Jupiter (DSP) Price varies by model (8×8 is around $1200)

Saddleback Studio As promised, a picture of the “studio.”

Church Tech Weekly Episode 30: Mega NAMM Coverage

Sit down, strap in and relax! Mike and Van go all out to give you comprehensive coverage of Winter NAMM 2011. This is a long episode, but be sure to listen all the way to the end for plenty of new tech that will have an impact on you as a church tech. From new wireless to new cymbals, we cover it all!


Van Metschke



Church Tech Weekly Episode 29: Game Changing Budgets

On this week’s episode, Mike and Van talk budgets. Some thoughts on how to create a budget, what to do when you start going over budget and how to handle large-scale capital expenses. If you are new to your church, or new to making budgets, this will give you some ideas on getting started. If you’ve been doing this a while, you may learn a few things on how to get larger projects approved.


Van Metschke

Picks of the Week:

Church Tech Weekly Episode 28: Portable Church

Mike is joined by Van Metschke, Dave Friss and Jason Cole. The subject of the day is portable church. The group talks about best practices for setting up tech for a portable church situation and again concludes that it’s a lot more about people than tech.


Van Metscke

Jason Cole

Dave Friss

Pics of the Week:

Church Tech Weekly Episode 27: Post Christmas Recovery

In this episode, Mike and Van talk about strategies for recovering from the month of Christmas as well as how to develop a “hit by a bus” list. Putting together processes, procedures and manuals may seem boring, but it saves a ton of time down the road, and ultimately makes you a more valuable TD. Plus picks of the week.


Van Metschke




Church Tech Weekly Episode 26: The Big White Room

Mike & Van are joined by Bruce Coffy and Steve Moore of Parkside Church in Ohio. The group talks about environmental projection and how to leverage special events to garner new technology for your tech department.


Van Metschke,

Bruce Coffy,

Steve Moore








Pictures of Parkside’s Christmas Program

Church Tech Arts Webinars: Analog Vs. Digital Pt. 1

It’s finally here, the audio from our most recent webinar—Analog vs. Digital. Our intention was to get through all the material in one sitting, but as often happens, we didn’t. Still, it’s a great and lively discussion and even a few surprises that you may not expect. Since Mike, Dave & Jason regularly mix on digital desks (Mike on an SD8, Dave & Jason on Avid Venues), you might expect each of them to be staunch digital supporters. Tune in to find out if that’s a correct assumption!

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Church Tech Arts Webinars: Digital Vs. Analog Pt. 1

Church Tech Weekly Episode 25: A Very Special Christmas

Mike is joined by Van Metschke, Duke Dejong and Dave Stagl. Being creative with the Christmas story is a main topic of conversation, along with some really good picks of the week.


Church Tech Weekly Takes A Break

Due to the incredibly intense production schedule I’ve been maintaining, CTW is going to be taking a break this week. But fear not, next week, we’ll be doing a special live post-production recap episode with me, Van and some special guests. It will surely be a lot of fun, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, might I suggest perusing through a few previous episodes?

Church Tech Weekly Episode 24: It’s Freezing Here

Mike and Van talk about how cool the job of the TD is. We get to tell the story of Jesus and see life change every week, and even more during Christmas. Still, it’s easy to miss that in the middle of the business. [Sorry about the cyloning, this time it hit Mike’s track. It’s random, non-reproduceable and so far a cure eludes us. Thankfully, this time it’s not too bad.]


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