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Drum Mic’ing Webinar Recording

It’s here…by popular demand! We had a great time the other night with Jason Cole, Dave Stagl and myself talking about drum mic’ing and how to do it better. Thanks to the MacHeist bundle, I recorded the conversation, and it’s presented here pretty much in it’s entirely.

I say “pretty much” because there were a few times when for some strange reason, I lost Dave’s audio completely. I could tell by the look on his face he was making a great point, but I couldn’t hear it. Thankfully, he repeated himself, so we got the gist of it.

I know of several people who tried to join the session but were unable to because of some TokBox issues. We’re sorry about that, but are glad we captured the audio.

The three of us had enough fun doing it that we plan to do it again in the future, so stay tuned to our blogs for upcoming sessions. In the meantime, enjoy Drum Mic’ing!

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