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CTW NAB Coverage: Sony

This year, the Sony booth was larger than the first church I attended after college. To say there was a lot to see would be an understatement. However, we found a few things that might be of interest to the church tech. A few new HD cameras and a slick little video mixer that has some real potential for smaller productions.

CTW NAB Coverage: Sony from Mike Sessler on Vimeo.

CTW NAB Coverage: Ross Carbonite

After checking out the Ross Crossover Solo, we had to take a peak at the new Carbonite. In the big picture, the Carbonite is basically, “Twice everything.” It’s available in 1 or 2 ME versions, with a 1 or 2 ME control panel and with 16 or 24 inputs. It’s also fully upgradeable, so you could start with a 16 input single ME and upgrade to 24 inputs and 2 MEs with a simple software unlock. Van gets a quick tour from Luke.


CTW NAB Coverate: Ross Carbonite from Mike Sessler on Vimeo.

CTW NAB Coverage: Roland M-480

The long-awaited successor the popular M-400, the M-480 is finally here. The M-400 was a great console for it’s time, but lacked full 4-band parametric EQ and had no way to handle more than 48 inputs. That’s all fixed, and Roland even threw in some great additional features (and kept the price the same!). John Broadhead tells us more. UPDATE: Apparently the price is not the same as the M-400, it’s about 20% more. Still for under $12K, it’s not bad. END UPDATE

CTW NAB Coverage: Roland M-480 from Mike Sessler on Vimeo.


CTW NAB Coverage: DiGiCo SD10

This was a big one. You guys know I’m a huge fan of the DiGiCo SD8 (and the SD7 for that matter). The problem with their line has been they didn’t have an intermediate step between the SD8 at 60 stereo channels and the SD7 with it’s crazy amount of I/O. Now they do. With a numbering scheme that no one will ever be able to figure out, the SD10 slots nicely in between the SD8 and SD7. Basically it’s a 96 channel SD8, but since 12 of those channels can be stereo, it can process 108 inputs. We’ll let Matt Larson from Group One tell you the rest of the story.


CTW NAB Coverage: Digico SD10 from Mike Sessler on Vimeo.


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