A collection of some of our most viewed and retweeted posts.

The Perfect Volume

A four-part series on figuring out how to get to the right volume for each church. Often times, it's not just a loudness issue. There is typically a lot more going on.

Small, Digital Mixer Comparison

We take a look at how the "old" standby, the Presonus StudioLive 24.4.2 stacks up against the newer Beheringer X32 and the even newer Roland M200i.

Total Cost of Ownership

How much an item costs is not simply the amount on the invoice. Operating, maintenance, repair and replacement costs all must figure into the equation.

Keys to Becoming a Great Technical Artist

A 6-part series on the characteristics common to the greatest technical artists I know.

Do a Good Job

If you want to earn the respect of your leadership, do a good job. It’s really that simple.

The Sabbath (Again)

I suck at Sabbath. I’m really good at a lot of things, but taking a Sabbath is not one of them.

Review of the Rupert Neve Portico 5045

This "magic box" somehow will give you an extra 10-20 dB of gain before feedback. Magic!

We Are the Men in Black

As much as we might wish our leadership team would recognize what we do, they probably won’t.

Defining Good Stewardship

Good Stewardship is not how much money you don’t spend--it’s how much you don’t waste.

Inconvenienced by Christmas

If I’m honest, I often feel quite inconvenienced at Christmastime, especially when Christmas falls on the weekend.

Love Languages of Techies

If you interact with techies on a regular basis, it would behoove you to learn these languages and figure out which one your techie responds to most favorably.

Superbowl Halftime Debacle: 2011 Edition

Even with a production budget that exceeds most church’s annual budget (probably by a factor of 2-10), things still went horribly wrong.

The "Right" Sound

I've spoken with more than one Sr. Pastor or other church leader who just wants the sound to be "right," but doesn't really have a handle on how complicated the task of getting there is.


Some of our best and most popular episodes of Church Tech Weekly

Episode 169: The Texas of Canada

A great discussion on the tools of our craft, and a reminder that we all face similar challenges. 

Episode 167: Leprechaun Weekend

It's time for a deep discussion about worship, being encouraged, having a network and being cynical. Get your notebook out, you'll need it! 

Episode 166: You'd Look Good In A Sweater

We talk about making it through tough times, getting on board with the vision of the church and how to solve morale problems (among other things). It's a great episode with lots of laughs and truth. 

Episode 149: Temporal Fusion

It's all about reverbs and delays this week! Our panel of experts talk about how they use reverb & delay, what settings they start with and how to get the most out of the gear you have.

Episode 129: You Can Change Frequencies?

Our guest this week is Karl Winkler of Lectrosonics. We have a great discussion around RF issues, proper selection and setup of wireless mic's, and some general audio geekery.

Episode 127: Christmas Carols; At 100 dB

Our special guest this week is Robert Scovill, award winning concert sound engineer and Sr. Specialist for Avid Technologies. We talk with Robert about mixing, both on the road and in a church setting, how we can improve our mixing skills, and navigating the people side of audio.

Episode 118: That Sync'ing Feeling

Nigel is back! Once again we're talking video with our resident video expert, Nigel Spratling. This week, it's delay management, format conversion and master planning tips. 

Episode 116: Keep It In Phase

Another visit Bob Heil interview! Bob talks with us about phase, ham radios and how he designs mics with 40 dB of rear rejection. Plus, some fun demonstrations!

Episode 86: Interview with Bob Heil

Bob shares with us how he got his start in the industry and his incredible passion for great sound.

Episode 71: Are Those Lips In Sync?

Join us as we talk with Nigel Spratling from Ross Video about audio/video delay.

Episode 91: The Silicone Episode

Again we're joined by Nigel Spratling to talk about black burst, tri-sync and genlock.

Episode 74: I Reject Your Color Correction And Substitute My Own

This week the panel talks a lot about lighting design, color correction, color rendering index and how to improve your lighting technique.

Episode 80: The Wide World of Video

This week, we talk about producing the Passion conference video from as well as some outstanding tips for video directors and camera operators.

Episode 98: Let's Talk About Audio

This week, we get into a pretty deep discussion about the need for art in the church, the meaning of technology and ask if we are part of the problem or part of the solution.



Collections of videos and posts from various trade shows.

InfoComm 2013

A collection of videos ranging from the new Avid S3L console to some slick lighting controllers to several personal monitor mixers.  

NAB 2013

Another 20+ videos of audio, video, storage and asset management gear. 

InfoComm 2012

Eleven videos covering the Midas Pro1, Digico SD5, Behringer X32, A&H GLD and more.

NAB 2012

Over 20 videos covering everything from switchers to LED lights to monitors and storage.

WFX 2011

Over 20 videos covering projectors, mics, lighting controllers, storage and streaming.

NAB 2011

Over 25 videos covering everything from video switchers to on-camera recorders to wireless mics & audio consoles.

Popular Webinars

Drum Mic'ing Webinar

We talk about mic'ing a drum kit with Dave Stagl and Jason Cole

Vocal Webinar

We answer questions about mic'ing vocals. With Dave Stagl & Jason Cole

Volume Webinar

Dave Stagl & Mike Sessler touch on topics such as, overall levels, level equivalents, A-Weighting and C-Weighting, spectral balance, and a few other surprises, including "How loud is too loud?"

Mixing Webinar

Join Mike, Dave Stagl & Jason Cole as we talk about mixing.

Mixing Webinar Part 2

Join Mike, Dave Stagl & Jason Cole as we talk about getting the low end right, stereo imaging and aux-feeding the high-hat.

IEM Webinar

In this lively discussion on IEMs, we talk about how to get the most from a move to IEMs and when you might want to hold off. With Dave Stagl, Jason Cole & Mike Sessler

System Design Webinar

Mike Sessler, Dave Stagl, Jason Cole and Bob Nahrstadt talk about the best practices of designing AVL systems.

Line Array Vs. Point Source Webinar

Mike Sessler, Dave Stagl & Jason Cole debate the pros & cons of two popular speaker system designs.

Analog Vs. Digital Webinar

Mike Sessler, Dave Stagl & Jason Cole talk about when analog and/or digital is most appropriate.