Some of our best and most popular episodes of Church Tech Weekly

Episode 169: The Texas of Canada

A great discussion on the tools of our craft, and a reminder that we all face similar challenges. 

Episode 167: Leprechaun Weekend

It's time for a deep discussion about worship, being encouraged, having a network and being cynical. Get your notebook out, you'll need it! 

Episode 166: You'd Look Good In A Sweater

We talk about making it through tough times, getting on board with the vision of the church and how to solve morale problems (among other things). It's a great episode with lots of laughs and truth. 

Episode 149: Temporal Fusion

It's all about reverbs and delays this week! Our panel of experts talk about how they use reverb & delay, what settings they start with and how to get the most out of the gear you have.

Episode 129: You Can Change Frequencies?

Our guest this week is Karl Winkler of Lectrosonics. We have a great discussion around RF issues, proper selection and setup of wireless mic's, and some general audio geekery.

Episode 127: Christmas Carols; At 100 dB

Our special guest this week is Robert Scovill, award winning concert sound engineer and Sr. Specialist for Avid Technologies. We talk with Robert about mixing, both on the road and in a church setting, how we can improve our mixing skills, and navigating the people side of audio.

Episode 118: That Sync'ing Feeling

Nigel is back! Once again we're talking video with our resident video expert, Nigel Spratling. This week, it's delay management, format conversion and master planning tips. 

Episode 116: Keep It In Phase

Another visit Bob Heil interview! Bob talks with us about phase, ham radios and how he designs mics with 40 dB of rear rejection. Plus, some fun demonstrations!

Episode 86: Interview with Bob Heil

Bob shares with us how he got his start in the industry and his incredible passion for great sound.

Episode 71: Are Those Lips In Sync?

Join us as we talk with Nigel Spratling from Ross Video about audio/video delay.

Episode 91: The Silicone Episode

Again we're joined by Nigel Spratling to talk about black burst, tri-sync and genlock.

Episode 74: I Reject Your Color Correction And Substitute My Own

This week the panel talks a lot about lighting design, color correction, color rendering index and how to improve your lighting technique.

Episode 80: The Wide World of Video

This week, we talk about producing the Passion conference video from as well as some outstanding tips for video directors and camera operators.

Episode 98: Let's Talk About Audio

This week, we get into a pretty deep discussion about the need for art in the church, the meaning of technology and ask if we are part of the problem or part of the solution.