Remodel Part 1- The Adventure Begins

One of the reasons I became the TD at Magnolia Church (or “MAG” as it is affectionately known) last year was to help facilitate our upcoming auditorium-building remodel and build teams that could operate the new AVL system that will be implemented. As well as oversee I.T. and the rest of technology on the campus.

Blended service

Blended service

Some History

Magnolia Church, formerly “Magnolia Avenue Baptist Church”, was founded in the mid 1950’s. The current auditorium or “Worship Center” was built in 1974 and remodeled in 1997. For 35 years Mag presented “The Living Christmas Tree”, as many churches did. Subsequently, the auditorium was built around that yearly performance, as it, by then, was a staple of the community.  

"Living Christmas Tree"

"Living Christmas Tree"

Several years ago, for many reasons, the LCT was retired and even though the church still has a special Christmas “performance” every December, the focus of the auditorium is not on that one event. The building has been well maintained but is just generally out of date in most all areas.

"We Have Our Savior" Christmas 2013

"We Have Our Savior" Christmas 2013


Mag’s current weekend lineup is two “blended” Sunday services (choir and orchestra with rhythm section) and one “contemporary” (band and singers) service. Although we “mix it up” occasionally, we really have two styles of music each week. A renewed emphasis is being placed on who Mag wants to serve locally: its existing members, the surrounding community, and California Baptist University (directly across the street from the church).  We will also be able to accommodate outside community events and church wide events more easily.

Scope of Work

The scope of the re-model will consist of:


  1. A new ceiling system that will enhance the acoustics of congregational singing without detracting from the audio systems intelligibility.      
  2. New seating to replace the current pews and add 50+ more seats (theatre style seating without armrests).
  3. All new acoustic treatment on stage, side walls, and rear walls.
  4. A rebuilt stage platform with permanent “thrust”.
  5. A complete Audio and Video systems upgrade, including relocation of the FOH position and the video control room.
  6. Updating the existing lighting system and relocating/ adding lighting positions. This will also include LED house lighting.

Lobby, Etc.

  1. Re-Model/ expansion of the lobby, entrance areas and Restrooms.
  2. Re-Model of the fellowship hall and kitchen, which includes all new A.V.
  3. Re-Model/ expansion of the outside guest areas including a coffee bar and seating area.

Other Upgrades 

  •  Outdoor baptismal and water feature. (Proposed)
  • New “Monument tower” to replace the current steeple over the front entrance to the building. (Proposed)
  • All new signage and way finding.


We have already been in the planning stages of this project since mid 2013. As of this post the Architects, Electrical Engineers, and AVL Designers/Consultants are finalizing their designs for submittal to the planning department for permits and such. We hope to be started with construction at the end of April.

Church Events

We will, for the majority of the project, continue to occupy the building during construction (at least on the weekends). Most of the events that happen during the week will be moved to our other buildings.

Each month I will be giving you an update on the remodel, so stay tuned. The Adventure begins!