Dewey Type (COTM) Stand light Build


There has been a lot of buzz about the small white lights that Church On The Move uses on their stage.

After talking with Andrew Stone, COTM’s Production Director and finding out how they assembled them, I decided to build our own variation. I did not build these the same way COTM did, but achieved a similar result I was very happy with.


Here is the Parts list:

1 inexpensive Par38 UL approved (VERY IMPORTANT) par can. We used chrome, as we already owned them but they are also available in black.
1 length of All-Thread Rod, we used 3/4″ in various lengths.
4 nuts and 4 fender washers that fit whatever size thread rod you choose.
1 weighted mic stand base, we had some old Atlas Mic Stand bases around but you could also use a square piece of steel stock for the base and weld the threaded rod to it. Or use a 10 pound steel weight.
1 Par 38 light bulb, we used 65 watt.
Several tie wraps.

Here is how I assembled it:

Note: Depending upon what size thread rod you use, you may have to drill out the light fixture clamp hole to fit correctly.


I then tie-wrapped the cables to the rods and connected the lights to our dimming system. As with any lighting, make sure you do not exceed your dimming channels recommended load parameters.