SundayMag.TV "The Powder Keg"

I just wrote a post for the latest addition of SundayMag.TV. Here is an excerpt;


"So much of what we do as church techs revolves around communication between those we work with and us. Clarity and alignment of the overall vision is key. Unfortunately, techs, pastors, musicians, and even attendees are often on different pages when it comes to what the purpose of any given service or event actually is. This can lead to frustration and even an eventual blow up or melt down—usually at a pivotal or inopportune moment.

Everyone on the programing side can usually agree on “the big picture”; bringing people to Christ, bringing them into a posture of corporate worship, etc. Much of the time, though, we can come to the table with different agendas and points of view. If leadership does not give a clear vision of what we are trying to accomplish, it’s up to each participant to figure it out on their own. That can lead to “too many cooks in the kitchen”.

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