SundayMag.TV "Mind Your Transitions"

My latest article is up at SundayMag.TV:


Train wreck.
Car crash.
Awkward moment.
Bumpy ride.

These are just some of the phrases many a technical professional has uttered under their breath during an event that is going, shall we say, not so smoothly. I have been a part of, as well as witness to, many events that had very bad transitions.

Well thought out and well planned transitions are crucial to any live event. They are, in my opinion, even more crucial in a church service.

A great church service is designed to move the attendees to a specific emotion, discipline, or realization; to engage in what is happening, to participate in an interactive way, to ingest insights and knowledge for living out a life in Christ, and to receive the knowledge of Christ’s redemption. A poor transition can pull people out of the very moment we are desperately trying to create for them. It can be so distracting that we lose them completely.