Remodel Part 2- Here We go

We are one month from the actual start of our auditorium remodel project. So much has transpired in the last several month and so much has to be done before June 2nd.  The scope of the project is detailed in a previous post, but I just wanted to give you an update.

Financing is in place and on track for the end of May. The architect has submitted the preliminary plans to the city, so the plan-check process has begun. 

This week we had our first real meeting with Pastors, Ministers, and Department Directors. Assignments were finalized and distributed amongst the staff. Clean out and purging of the building has also been happening. This weekend we are having the final yard sales that will sell off furnishings, costumes, and a giant pile of things that the church collected over the last seventeen years. Most people do not realize how much has to be sorted, moved, sold, and thrown away just to have a large building ready for a major remodel. 

Another aspect of this remodel is that we will continue to have services on Sunday in the auditorium. While it would have been easier to move out, we do not really have that option in our current setup.  AVL system will be on a week to week basis with FOH and video becoming portable for the duration on the project. We will use the current speaker and projector system as long as we can and then move to a completely portable rig when that becomes necessary based on the construction schedule.

Next week we will finalize the AVL systems and electrical first pass. 

Stay tuned.